July 12, 2008

palmetto fl

i'm on the road right now.

driving down the sunny coast of Florida.

i am getting away from everyone and everything i know - other than kylie, who is navigator/dj.

we left orlando a few days ago, drove from ruskin to palmetto, and met with a friend who took us in and kindly lent me her computer and scanner.

on the road there is nothing but windows down and music up. the wind whipping my hair in a fury. tunes for days - the smiths, mt egypt, joni mitchell, and of course the new beck album!!! we stop at fruit stands and hover over peaches and grapes. we run through fields in the rain and photograph cows cooling off in the lake. we are escaping in search of a new reality. we are getting lost with determination. we will swim in the ocean. we will sleep under the stars. we will live freely in the briefness of what's left of our summer.

next stop is naples. i will try to post more as i go.

***this polaroid is taken with a sx 70, no filter, and 600 film.

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