July 6, 2008

desire is desire no matter where you go

i want to be an adventurer, an explorer of hearts, fueled by the dreams and hopes of an unbridaled imagination, an extraterrestrial girl on fire who streaks across the minds of the few and far between, dazzling and enrapturing, pushing the limits, and testing the boundaries of everyone and thing that crosses my path.
i want to consider my every breath, to spin in circles, and paint my secrets. i want to sleep under a blanket of maple leaves, bow to an applause, and make living my cause. i want to love without expectations, to float above cities, and to sail my own ocean. i want to dance on thin ice, to care for others, and be like no one else. i want to love myself. i want to sleep inside the north wind, and say goodnight to the long day's sky...


  1. It's everywhere, it's everywhere. Your post was like sitting down at syrupy table after a pancake breakfast. It sticks to everything. Delicious.

  2. bakin!!!
    that is one of the best analogies i've ever heard :)
    such a compliment!
    ummm you live in orlando?!!?!?!

  3. I relocated to "big orange" a few weeks ago...while looking around to see who's who in the greater orlando area...I tripped over your blog...luckily I bookmarked it before the concussion set in...