July 7, 2008

abstract monday

today has been a really good day.
first off - it's my day off. so i got to sleep in.
secondly - it's abstract monday!!!!
i got a very interesting shot in my backyard this afternoon right before it started to rain.
i believe this is a fern leaf??? actually i am sure it is a fern. anyways, i love this because it reminds me of my childhood in bradenton. when i was much younger my sister and i used to make headdresses out of the ferns growing in my moms backyard. we would weave the fronds together, so that the fern leaves were sprouting every which way, attacking our faces and tickling our necks. then we would dance around like indian warriors and wreak havoc in the trees till our savage desires were fulfilled.

i did use the blend filter on this one. i think that is obvious with detail and color depth. i took a few shots earlier over the weekend without the filter and i got complete opposite results. it's hard for me to decide which ones i like more. i guess it is impossible for me to chose bc i like them both, but in completely different ways.

also, i got the chance to upload a polaroid i took of my friend at the beach from last weekend in jax.
i used expired blend film and the results really surprised me. i expected for it to not turn out at all. instead the exposure is very lite and there is this fuzzy, kind of matte finish to it, that just hits me as a dream sequence or something.
i was really amazed at this film. i lucked out i guess.
this shot ended up earning me the cover of Polanoid's Shot of the Day!
i have only been a polanoid member for less than a month and have already fallen in love with this site. if you are a polaroid lover please visit polanoid.net. what they are doing is pretty ground breaking.

ok. it's bed time for me.
i will post again tomorrow :)
nite nite xx

1 comment:

  1. all the ferns I know are shady...

    your picture reminded me of the unique citrus fruit: citrus medica

    looking at the picture...I think the fern was giving you the shot rather you taking it...you definitely make the world around you feel at ease...especially bright green ferns...