July 6, 2008

summer in the fields 2

when i took this polaroid i wasn't sure if it would come out at all. between the low light (sunset) and the windiness of the day i was sure it would either be too dark or blurred. boy was i wrong. this is one of my all time favorite polaroids i've ever taken.

i hope that doesn't make me sound pretentious. i absolutely hate the idea of being arrogant. that air of ostentation... (which i see often in other photographers and music friends) is completely unbecoming and in my opinion, is completely counter creative.

there is this group of photographers i know of.. their work is really wonderful and very inspirational. they go on "photo trips" together and then document them on flickr. it's really a great idea, not completely original, but still very interesting. the only down-side to all of this is how acutely clique-ish they are. it's almost as if you aren't in their nerd-out group then you don't matter.

i personally don't give a shit about artistic ego's or the little nitch groups photographers identify themselves with. i just enjoy good art. unfortunately i have begun to enjoy it less and less as i see more and more self proclaimers.

there is this broken social scene song that i adore, and in the song kevin drew sings "never fall in love with what you make". i fully believe in this theory, although he is more than likely referring to something else...

sometimes i feel as though i can never be satisfied with what i make. i am always worried that my polaroid's are too typical - and typical equates to stagnancy which is defined as dull and lifeless, and any art that is lifeless... well... it's just gross.

i think i will always be somewhat unhappy with my art, and perhaps this means i am always demanding progress in myself. BUT what i hope for, even more so than artistic improvement, is to never ever EVER be full of unwarranted pride. i hope to always be humble, and caring, and filled with the desire to learn from others, and to keep pushing for a shared creative commons.


  1. I had to comment on this one.
    I know how you feel with the clique-ishness and general bullshit if the photography world. Everyone seems to travel in packs, shooting the smae stuff and clapping eachother on the back. I have often looked at their work and thought my own stuff is so different and I am on the wrong track. But you know what? At the end of the day you are not shooting for anyone but yourself and I think if you ever loose that doubt about your art it means you have lost the passion. You always want to be pushing yourself- imagine if Diane Arbus stopped after she got the first great shot hung up her camera and sat around with her freinds talking about how great she was?

    Sorry for the long and random comment but this post really touched home

  2. thanks for commenting morganna!

    and i totally agree with you and brian- there is nothing wrong with having creative friends around to inspire you, but that is completely different than a pretentious posse... it seems to stimulate repetition more so than creative uniqueness.

    anyways i wasn't trying to mean or call any group of people out, just sort of addressing an observation that some other people and myself have noted.

  3. there's a reason the world is on a tilted-axis...it's so individuals like yourself will stand out...amazing work...your blog is an art show...