December 4, 2007

old nessie

i found this today, stuffed inside my old copy of the dharma bums. it was written on the inside of a napkin, folded into a triangle, and holding my place between pages 171 and 172. judging by the topic of discussion i would date this circa 2006.

this is what i wrote:

i've been thinking about the size of the earth lately. i know that it's circumference is 25,000 miles across and it's diameter is 8,000 miles through.

a boy that i love, more than anyone else in the brief history of my past lovers, moved to the other side of the world last week. this means, by way of circumference, he is roughly 12,500 miles away from me. BUT, if i measured strait through to the other side, he is only 8,000 miles away - which is 4,500 miles closer to me. strange to think of it so, but he is closer to me through the planet. i like knowing that.

last night i walked to the construction site way out behind my house. i climbed down a tall rock pile into a valley forged by a rickety, old, john deer, and i laid down in the deepest part of it. i put my face to the earth. my heart beat into the dirt, and i felt comforted knowing that i was as close to him as i could possibly get at that moment.

i guess love makes you do crazy things.


  1. love doesn't get any better then when you have it and yearn for it at the same time.

    great thoughts.