November 11, 2009



Today it is rainy and grey out. Not the good rainy and grey though, but the bad gloomy kind that destroys outdoor plans and lurks over head far beyond it's welcomed invitation. Appropriatly so, Elliot Mmith is lulling an infinite loop of bitter kisses into my ears and all i can think of is crawling back into my cream colored sheets. I need a plan. I need a fresh dream. I need something to pick me up and send me off on a paper boat or magic carpet.


  1. Last night I set up my lights and had my sister take some headshots of me. Took me awhile to warm up and only got a few okay ones. I started re-working them and might post a montage to FB.

    Toss some Mighty Mouse in there. Seems like a good day for "3rd Planet"

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  3. "Clementine" is always a good rainy day Elliott Smith song

  4. love elliot smith. always.
    hate other people taking my pic. still.