November 9, 2009



So, I have a website:

What a wild revelation this is for me. It's almost impossible to wrap my head around.
Just one year ago i purchased my first medium format camera and the year before that, my first camera ever - an
sx70 alpha Polaroid. I really had no clue what i was doing with either device, but I was motivated to learn one way or the other. Trial and error is an educational process I highly recommend - being both teacher and student is such an edifying form of instruction, despite how costly it can get with film. I guess I've always believed that there is no price limit on life changing experiences, which would explain my justifications for shooting over 900 polaroids in the span of one year. The truth is, if it's what you love then nothing should stand in your way. Not even paper money.

This whirl wind of an art form has truly been a great blessing on my life. It's captured my viability in more ways than one. It's introduced me to great individuals whose merited favor I hold deeply inside my chest. It's made me a student and a seeker, always growing with willful purpose. I am excited to see it on the computer screen, all laid out like a colorful quilt of the past 2 years of my life.

Please enjoy the site. It will serve as an online portfolio for a few artistic grants I am applying for in the near future.

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