August 18, 2009


past weekend i had the pleasure of shooting with atlanta's photo extraordinare wes sumner.

we explored orlando's "urban" scene and jumped right into photoshoot mode, which still kinda cracks me up... and with 6 or 7 cameras between the both of us, this meet-up could certainly be classified as an official nerd-out.

the photos above were taken at lake eola, in the center of downtown orlando. i must admit i was very pleased when the rain clouds came rolling over head and even though it cut most of our outside time in half, within the few minutes before the onslaught of rain, we were both able to snap a few shots in the "pre-storm" soft light.

there are more photos to come of this adventure. these just happen to be my favorites.

also, go check out wes' blogspot

Polaroid Sx 70 Alpha. 600 Film. ND Filter. Close up lens.
Yashica A. 120 Film.