August 19, 2009


from the shoot with wes sumner. i've always wanted to photograph in the downtown library. thankfully there was a lot of interior and natural light, also wes helped me gauge the exposure settings with his digital camera, so the shots actually came out pretty clear. apparently i need a light meter... among other things.

i think what i love most about these photos is the mood. i can't quite put my finger on it... it's not exactly cheery nor is it completely sinister. the first frame reminds me of some old french foreign film - casually saturated with jewel tone colors and subtle highlights.
i still have another roll of film to develop which i am super hyped about. there was a lot of experimenting that day and if the next roll is anything like the first, then i will be doing cartwheels around the parking lot of CPH.

also, more polaroid portraits to come.

night night.

Yashica A. 120 Film. 6x6. Medium Format.

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