August 25, 2009

is it

too much to ask to live inside a tim walker photograph?

although this is hardly my style of photography i find myself enraptured by his work. the sacrinly sweet images are oozing with romance and whimsy. and although the embellishments of a french rococo reminiscence never quite appealed to me, walker manages to weave modern elements into his photos so seamlessly that my eyes refuse to look away.

this is the kind of work that sustains an appetite, a feast for the visual "imagineers".

i will be splurging on his book after pay day.


  1. p.s. did i mention that in my walker photo life i would like beach house and new order to be playing on an infinite loop. please and thank you.

  2. yep, tim walker is nothing short of amazing. mad props for this blog update !!!