May 20, 2009

today has been a battle of motivation. it's been raining non-stop since monday. they sky is grey and the air is heavy and palpable and advising me to turn around and go back to bed. i found this polaroid of myself wedged between the pages of a worn out copy of 13 moons. flipping through the chapters i took note of the passages underlined in ink:

"desire abides. it is all people have to stand proof against time. everything else is burned up by the sun and swept away with the tide." page 67

i tried to remember myself when i first read this story: the free thinking traveler, wandering the streets of barcelona and devouring life's freshest experiences without worry. my wild hair curled up around my face in a fashion ironically resembling a lions mane, with tired feet and a restless heart, i burned for true love... in me was this belief, that if i opened my heart up enough there would be no limits in love.

Polaroid Sx 70 Alpha. ND Filter. 600 Film.


  1. I'm glad I found some way I like to think we are similar, I follow your blog and am inspired by the fact that you have the ability to write your thought down so delicately. Thank you.

    someone once told me never regret giving your heart just leaves room for it to grow bigger.

  2. thank you so much for that feedback. it means more to me than you know. i love the advice too. i truly never ever regret. i suffer in my decisions at first, but after some time has passed, in retrospect, i measure my growth in miles.

    thank you dear friend.

    p.s. word verification was "spersol" love it.

  3. Really been enjoying your polaroids.