May 19, 2009

i'm not going to write about how him anymore.
i'm not going to describe the sound of his voice when he'd whisper "goodnight" as we fell asleep together.
i won't even mention the softness of his touch.
and when i'm alone in my new room, i wont think about how he smelt after his morning shower, and how that sent would linger in the air after he left for work.
i'm going to erase my memories of waking up beside him and staring at his skin as he slept, pretending that his freckles were clovers covering a field.

there are consequences for the things we you do
and then there are consequences for the things we did not do.

it is over.
i have to face this
and move on.


  1. you write "there are consequences in the things that we do
    and there are consequences in things that we do not do." i wish you would write about what you have done. you act as if your the only one hurt in this. I wanted to fix this and work this out. you didn't. i did loved you more than anything ive ever loved before. as you omit me from your life i will do the same. i will block your memories from my thoughts just as you have. tomorrow when i awake i will have forgotten your name just as you will. if i see u in the street i will walk by like a stranger. this is what you want. i wish you nothing but the best in life colie.


  2. why didnt you post my comment? you dont want people seeing both sides of the story?

  3. Colie I really hope you are okay. You know I've been a fan of your photos since way back but your blog really leaves me with the feeling we would be freinds in real life.

    Again, I hope your okay

  4. morganna i am so thankful for your words and kindness, since i started sharing my polaroids you've been a voice i respected and since i first began blogging your support in my written out thoughts blesses me to no end.

    as you can see it's been a tough parting of two lives and certainly not easier for the either one of us. it's a little awkward publishing his comments, mainly because this is my space to share my heart. if he has something left to say to me then he could call. however i'm not even sure his comment is even meant for me...

    you are and always will be a great friend. thank you dear for everything.

  5. cool stuffs!
    love your blog.