May 3, 2009

now i know,
everything does happen for a reason.

if it weren't for a breaking heart, there would be no empty space, or the need to fill it.

i can't help but recall a conversation i had once about him. over tea i told my sister how my heart changes everyday. everyday i get a fraction of a millimeter happier and also a fraction of a millimeter sadder. not to say that they could cancel each other out. no. not at all. the fact that i got a little happier today doesn't change the fact that i also became a little sadder. every day i become a little bit more of both, which means that right now, at this exact moment i'm the happiest and saddest i've ever been in my life.

why, she asked me.
because, nothing makes me happier and nothing makes me sadder than him.

Lomo Fisheye.


  1. i have a feel i am on the same boat with you today. and you music calms me on your blog. it is lovely.

  2. Well this is not his hand your touching...

  3. actually it's my hand twice. it's a double exposure. thanks for checking in.

  4. i instantly fell in love with your photographs! you've got so much talent!
    And your blog is beautiful...!


  5. i wish i were capable of helping :(


  6. Hi!! I just read your comment on my blog from like 100 years ago. I'd definitely be up for doing some photos or something. I go to boarding school, but I'll be back home for summer in late May/June, so if you're still up for it then, let me know :)

  7. what happened dear?