May 3, 2009

i just got offered to shoot badland's trio, a locally known folk band, in jacksonville. i am incredibly excited and honored and racking my brain to come up with locations and concepts... i have also been really inspired by these people. they've inspired me to no ends with their beautiful pictures and have especially instilled the need to shoot more with my 35mm. this is definitely something i want to implement on the shoot with bandland's trio.

lately, it's been a time of self assessment and goal setting. i am determined to master my pentax asahi... last attempt i didn't even load the damn film right, so nothing even came out. not a single frame. definitely an amateur move, but fuck it. aren't we all beginners at one time or another? the other goal i am working towards is getting some of my prints up at the local shops and cafe's in orlando. i've learned how important it is for me to share my work, with no intentions of making a dime - but solely for the love of releasing my art out into the world.

Yashica A Model. 120 Fuji Film.

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