January 20, 2009

today is a new day

today is the beginning of a new world for my country. it's the beginning of hope in the hearts of many who have suffered great losses in the defeats of our sinking economy. it's the beginning of faith for those who stopped believing that our leaders truly cared about our well being. it's the beginning of nationalism and civic pride for so many who thought their voice could not be heard. it is the beginning of love in the eyes of the socially forlorn, who thought equality could never exist amongst men and women of varied races.

today i reflect back on the experiences of my upbringing. with a middle eastern mother, 1st generation born in America and a very patriotic father who worked 35 years for the US military, i was raised to value my freedoms as a luxury. to this day i take pride in the opportunities we are granted - to speak freely, to believe in any religion we may chose, to pursue happiness till our hearts content, to start from absolutely nothing and build not only financial wealth but also wealth of spirit.

these past few years have been tough for me in many ways. i faced health issues that were financially not supported by the government's health care policies. i was dropped from my parents coverage because i was too old and as of yet can not afford my own, nor can i seek government support because i am too young. as a home owner in such a troubling relestate market i risk loosing my entire inheritance left to me by my father. the stress i endure every single day, worrying about my physical and financial lively hood is exhausting and in many ways has lead me to lose hope in my countries ability to provide opportunities for ALL people.

after experiencing president obama's inauguration speech today, i felt my hope come back to life. i remembered all of the reasons why i am so proud to live in this country. i remembered that my success is not defined by the dollars in my pocket, rather it is measured by the experiences i build helping others, by the moral ethics practiced in my daily life, and by working hard to build a life i am proud of.

yesterday these things seemed like an ideal of the past and today i could feel the cloud of stress, that has surrounded me for years, lift in a way that i can see a future of possibilities ahead of me.

Yashica A model. 6x6 120vc Kodak Film. Double Exposure.


  1. Hi Colie

    Hope you get this message back here in past posts but I have been playing catch up. Love your current portrait series.

    Just wanted to tell you about a book I have been reading. You must get it. Once you "get it" you will never be fearful again. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" by Susan Jeffers is changing my life.