January 21, 2009


FACES - the project:
portraiture has always fascinated me. there is so much beauty in a face. histories lye behind locked-in eyes and stories reveal themselves in parted lips. an outer narrative, captured in the moment, can speak volumes for histories to come.

as it's an incredible honor to tell stories by way of what i see in my travels and adventures, i plan on focusing a lot of my upcoming film on faces. i'm going to let the portraits do the story telling.

and to kick off this idea i would like to ask (if anyone is even reading this) what story does this portrait tell you?
5 facts about self:
my full name is nicole renee parks
i collect vintage vinyl lp's
my first cat's name was crumby cookie
i haven't cut my hair in 21 months
robots scare me

Polaroid Sx70. 600 Film. ND Filter. Faces Series (#1).


  1. this tells me that a girl is very in love with a guy and her life!

  2. reminds me of a radiohead song:

    i'm a rabbit in your headlights
    scared of the spotlight
    you don't come to visit
    i'm stuck in this bed

    cause of the eyes

  3. life of a secret superhero: caught red-handed..true identity revealed!!

  4. ahhhh these are great posts :) thanks.