January 2, 2009

starting over

if you have followed your way to this blog through the photos on my flickr site, then you are probably aware that i recently deleted everything on my flickr, everything except for this one photo.

yes... all 954 photos... gone.
there isn't a grand explanation of why. it's just sort of a feeling i've had for a while.

it's time to start over.
time to follow after newer ideas and dreams.

it's the beginning of everything for me all over again.

it's exciting and refreshing and to be honest incredibly relieving to not have to look at all of those photos from the past.

there is so much white blankness to fill in, and to inspire with color, shadows, and light.
2009. the year of new beginnings. hear i come.

Yashica A Model. 6x6 120vc Kodak Film. Backlight.


  1. but I adored your photos...
    is there any way to look at your old ones? In particular I loved work eat repeat one...and sliced bread...and...

  2. thank you dear!
    as of yet, i have them stored away on a giant zip drive. i hope that the photos to come will be loved too! i will be doing a book of my old polaroids sometime in the future. i will keep you posted.

  3. a good start is important, and refreshing for the heart and the mind, you did good :)

  4. thanks alice :)
    i saw this show once about a cook in spain who is considered to be one of the best in the world. every year he throws out all of his recipes and starts over, even if what he had created in the past had changed the culinary world, to him it was dead. new ideas and new inventions are what was alive to him.

  5. i'm glad that i bought your book so i can look at them often.