December 31, 2008

remember when

remember when poptarts were a delicacy
and sleeping in was terrible?
remember alf and bikes with no kick stands?
remember the hightops you always wanted
and waiting to record your favorite radio song on a blank tape?
remember the scary big kids and wanting to be just like them?
remember notes from your secret crush, folded up like origami?
remember walkie talkies and tree forts?
remember playing in the rain and skinny dipping in swimming pools?
remember classroom pizza parties and making your mom cards?

i do. painfully.

i see my little brother cody and i remember all of those things. i am instantly transported ....

i remember racing michelle parrell to the movie theater to see roger rabbit, and falling off my bicycle and cutting my knee. i remember crying till my dad came and was very mad and drove us home because those roads were off limits for kids. i remember being sad because roger rabbit was my favorite movie, even though i hadn't seen it yet. i remember putting peroxide on my cut and how bad it stung, but then i blew on it like my dad said to and it didn't hurt that bad anymore. i remember my dad saying if i was good and did my chorse he would take me to see roger rabbit and i was happy. i remember thinking i had the best dad in the world and squeezing his hand till he squeezed back harder.

i remember.

another year remembering him here.
happy new years.

Polaroid Sx70. Artistic Time Zero. ND Filter. Long Exposure.


  1. Happy New Year, Colie, and make sure you take those memories with you...

  2. being able to hold onto memories is much better than losing them.

  3. happy new year as well!

    and so true... sometimes being able to hold a memeory is both a gift and a burdon.