December 18, 2008

with more air than words

i am headed up north where the sky is silver and the air is crisp. i need an escape where i can take a few deep breathes and feel them in my chest.
i need a day of solitude and stillness where i can actually feel the passing of time come over me, as if a large wool blanket is being spread across my body.
i keep having these dreams of walking in the snow, with no one around, just me and my thoughts, deserted in a lonely forest. i pray for moments like that and now it's quite possible i will find mine.

i am really struggling to get some film for this trip. i haven't had money to buy any in months. hence why i haven't posted in a while, but i'm sure i will scrounge something up for the occasion. it's really important to me, to get some great photos while i'm out there, but mostly i can't wait to see my family and to feel that unrelenting love that i've been missing so badly.

1 1/2 days till colorado.

Polaroid Sx70. Time Zero.


  1. heeeeey, you're coming to colorado just in time for the cold snap :) have a good trip!

  2. lovely photo w/ aptly written words.

    moment of solitude and stillness ~ that's what I want too!

  3. thanks erin!
    i will be in winter park most of the time. got any suggestions for shooting out there?

  4. i haven't been to winter park, but i hear it's lovely!

  5. i secretly hate you! (not really)


  6. hahaha. good thing it's opposite day!