December 26, 2008

as for me

i'm still in colorado and i'm loving it.

1,200 feet up in the snow capped rockie's, i've been extremely inspired by all the beauty i've seen here, and in the spirit of an approaching new year, i have decided to make some changes.

i want to simplify everything about my photos- not just the actual photo itself, but how people see them.

i am considering deleting everything on my flickr and starting over again - a clean slate.

i am going to build a website with the help of a dear friend.
i want to keep making books and prints that i am proud of.

i've been using my medium format camera almost exclusively up here. i really am growing to love it. at first it frustrated me, not knowing what the shot came out like immediately, but now i sort of enjoy the mystery. i picked up my first roll of 120 film from my yashica and almost died. the prints were so clear, so true to the moment, so fulfilling to me.

i have not put down my yashica since.

Polaroid Sx70. Artistic Time Zero. ND Filter.


  1. I think when we move forward, it's easy to forget the lessons of the past. We are visual people and sometimes, when what we have learned isn't staring us in the face, we duplicate subconsciously. This is why I think journals, online or in the really real life, are wonderful, and a blessing. I consider Flickr one of my journals :)

  2. i fully agree. i am one of those people who need tangible proof that i have experienced things, lived life fully, feared, loved, etc.

    writing was always that outlet for me.
    when i first took up photography 1 1/2 years ago the need to define my experiences expanded into this visual explanation. it was quite a beautiful process for me.

    now, i feel as though my journey has shifted. i suppose it is growth, to want to change and never look back.