October 21, 2008

love to share, hate the biters!

today is a happy day for me :)

i've reached 70,000 variant views on flickr, i got to sleep in, and i am wrapping up the last page of text for my new book "light chasers".
light chasers was inspired by the month my best friend and i spent on the road, traveling up and down the coast of old florida, chasing our youth, our insatiable imaginations, and all the fleeting light that set ablaze across the finale of our summer.

the book should be done by the end of this week.
more info by then.

a quick side bar into the topic of frustrations...

this flickr girl, elizabeth.sarah, copycat turned liar, now thorn in my side, accused me of taking digital photos and adding fake white borders around them to make them look like polaroids! i laughed out loud when a friend showed me her comment, since it was probably the most ridiculous accusation i've ever heard. my love for polaroid is indisputable and i'm not going to let a desperate girl's call for attention ruin the bond i have with this medium. the nerve this girl has, to talk about originality... yes. this is the same girl who refused to give photo credit on her pictures that were copies of other flickr contacts.

it's sad really. she says she's speaking her mind and yet she blocks other peoples comments from her flickr page who question her authenticity.... it all seems very suspicious for someone who claims to be so "real".

either way i'm over discussing it. i don't care to argue about it any more. i'm sure she will read this and get defensive and she will probably write some other silly little comment under an even sillier little photo, but i am drawing the line here.

my work will speak for itself and vice versa.


  1. it needs to be said again. i'm so excited for your book!

    i'm thinking about heading out to florida and going to dog island and some other parts of northwest florida in march. i hear it does the soul some good : )

  2. thank you sooooooooo much chinako!!!!!
    you have to come to florida. march is a nice time. still breezy and sunny. just imagine yourself, windows down, music up, your dogs head out the window, just cruising to the beach....