October 22, 2008


it's exhausting really.
chasing after your dreams, day in and day out.

the passion inside your heart burns faster than a forest fire and whatever cause you are chasing may as well be cured, because your drive will know no end, until you say it is so.

that is me. when i see something that i want. even the most impossible feat seems manageable with the right amount of desire.

sometimes i find myself so deeply submersed in my purpose that i forget to come up for air. i neglect to stop and sit and see. to talk to people who need to be heard. to give. i overlook the little essentials of living deliberately.

this photo was taken in the middle of a very curious forest. kylie and i chased down the sun, once again, jumping in patches of light-just soaking up the warmth. i used my sx70 and 600 film. i chose to crop the white borders because i wanted to focus on the photo itself, not so much the "fad" of a polaroid. people who care too much about white borders are missing the point! wise up!

i'm trying, really really trying to make an effort to slow down here and there and remind myself to breathe. between book making, polaroid printing, a 9 to 5'er, and my desperate attempts at a social life, i miss my boyfriend. i miss my quiet time on the running trails. i miss home cooked meals and reading actual books (not just emails). slowly but surly with unceasing effort... i will find my way back there again.

Polaroid Sx 70 Alpha. 600 Film. No Filter.


  1. with so much abound all i can do is to feel jealous.

    you're living life.

  2. "even the most impossible feat seems manageable with the right amount of desire." I think I've staked my life on this since the day I was born. This post was...right at my heart. Thanks for sharing. I have the same 'problem'...or is it...tendency...or...just really living. Who knows! At any rate - lovely shot, as well. Best to you! Anna

  3. this picture is beautiful !!! <3

    couarge, it's may eem hard to accomplish so many things at the time, but it has to be that way, you're on the real side of life, in action :)

  4. thank you guys.

    ambition is a wonderful thing and the zeal for life can not be hidden from passionate people. it's all about finding the balance. one of these days i'll get there :)