August 7, 2008

for bernd

sometimes you meet someone and instantly the both of your lives fasten together.
their presence eases you. their words nourish you. their role in your life moves you in ways you could have never traversed solely.

these are the kinds of people we desperately need to surround ourselves with. they motivate us to dig deeper in our lives - beyond the superficial surfaces - and grab hold to the things that are lasting. they assure us to carry on when we can not. they push us to break through our personal glass ceilings so that our dreams can reach fruition. they give of themselves unceasingly and in return ask nothing....

these people are life changers and we should count ourselves damn lucky to have them around.

so often i ask myself if i am anyones life changer? have i selflessly given to anyone lately? have i taken the time to motivate, intently listen to, and encourage?

it is something i am working on... in hopes of knowing the answers to these questions everyday, rather than digging for them in the archives of my past experiences.

this is a cheap photo but rich with gratitude. a dear friend sent me this beautiful sx 70 "ever ready" case - without him ever knowing that i needed one. and after 2 weeks of crossing borders and seas it reached my door steps in an old pasta box, wrapped in a crumpled brown bag with a message penned across the front that read "i hope you can give this a new life". i was so thrilled by the unexpected kindness and touched by one mans thoughtfulness, i found myself a little speechless.... we have never actually met, nor do we even speak the same language... and yet that doesn't seem to hinder the connection we share or our ability to care.

what does that say about my relationships with the people around me that i see everyday? how much more can i care for those i work with, live by, and talk to daily?

i am so thankful for this gift, but more importantly i am thankful for bernd - for his friendship, for the patience he has to translate my english... and for the things i can not begin to list. thank you friend.


  1. i am so deeply moved
    emotionally stirred
    and so glad

    you are my lifechanger

  2. what more are we than the sum of our experiences and relationships.

  3. yaaaaay thank you b :)

    i'm working on something for you friend. it will take a little while. but i know you have the patience of Job. speak soon.

    ***also, i didn't mean to unpost this for those few hours this morning. i hit the wrong button "save draft" instead of "publish post" after i corrected a silly grammatical boo boo. sorryyyyyyyyy!

  4. you ask if you are anyone's life changer? wow...yes, please let me explain.

    i just now stumbled upon your blog through flickr, someone listed me as a contact and i came across your beautiful photos through their contact list. i was interested to see your blog, since i enjoy using my sx70 as well.

    the first post of yours that i read was 'god speed'. and for some reason it struck a cord in me, reflecting how i have felt for awhile now. before commenting, i scrolled down and read 'renew me', and by the end of the post i had tears rolling down my cheeks (which is not normal for me at all).

    i should also say it is not normal for me to post lengthy emotional comments to complete strangers, but your words did effect me. and after reading your question "am i anyone's life changer?" i felt you deserved to hear my response to your words.

    thank you for your inspiring words and beautiful photos.

  5. ash,
    i am so blessed to hear that. you have no idea. this is exactly what motivates me to keep on writing and taking photos.
    i am so honored that my words can mean something to you and perhaps to others as well.

    thank you so much :)