August 27, 2008

i remember me

i've been back in orlando for only a few days and already i'm losing my back home luster.
lets just say i hate my job. my school schedule sucks. and i've officially taken on more than i was prepared for!
gotta love life and the fucking haneous curve balls it throws you.
i guess now is a better time than any to step up to the plate and accept the challenge.
find a new job where i am appreciated.
crank out the school work.
send out my photos.
breath deeply.
and remember the shell.

this shell is a trophie piece my sisters and i found 3 summers ago on the sandy shores of coquina key. it embodies everything about that summer - the countless hours we spent on the boat, sunning on the mast like a pair of silver pelicans, laughing till our faces hurt, and exploring the mystic gulf with sunburns and salty hair. i took a polaroid of this silly shell to remind myself of me when i am most like myself. the me when i am at home with the people who know me best, and how their unconditional love engulfs me, and puts me at peace no matter where i have been or what i have done.

Polaroid Sx 70. 600 film. No ND filter. (it fell off on accident).

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  1. Ya know what's funny Colie, I was reading this post at work ( as I do!) and what you have written is exactly what me and three girls I work ith were just talking about. I think so many people are going through this feeling of wanting to get back to what is real and what matters at the moment. I just can't stop thinking imagine if I was to die tonight what have I done with my last day on earth? I actually found your work from another blog, someone had posted your "eat work sleep repeat" polaroid which made me laugh at loud, then made me sit quitely and ponder what the hell I am doing with my life. This lead me to you amazing photos which you know I just love, then to this blog. It can be so hard to reconcile when you say you are dissatisfied with the life your pictures show- Sunshine and beauty all day long... So you in part have inspired me and my man to pick up and run to mexico for a while. Hey after all we only have one life to live