August 26, 2008

have you seen me lately

i just got back from a visiting my family. it was a mini escape and exactly what i needed.
the great thing about going home is that home just so happens to be on a remote island. it's called snead and it's off the west coast of FL. on snead island people bike to get around, shoes are unnecessary accessories, cell phone reception is super sketch, and the closest legit market is about 20 mins away.

when i go home i usually turn my phone off for the duration of my stay and i always refuse to bring my computer. to me, going home is about detoxing myself from those daily devices. i surrender all the silly machinery and absorb my surroundings.

when i'm back home i like to get distracted by the simpler things - the sound of rain as it falls through the trees, the warm feeling in my belly after a glass of wine, the colors of the sun as it melts into the gulf, the harmonies of backyard crickets and conversations from the other room...

unlike the way technology removes me from the moment, these simpler contrivances draw me in. and there is nothing quite like being in the moment at the very place you feel most like yourself. every breath has purpose as i sigh with relief because finally i am living with deliberation..... and wouldn't you know it, time stands still!
Polaroid sx 70. ND filter and 600 film.

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  1. a home itself is technology. the very technology that removes you from those things you hold so dear. instead of having to drive 100 miles to find it leave those things in your house and just wander around. even in the city there is an ambiance that feels natural.

    or move to nowheresville :)