August 24, 2010



Dear blogger friends,

I'm in the process of making some BIG changes to my photo blog (the details are being smoothed over even as you read this). I can't explain too much as of yet, however I can state the obvious: thank you very little will be no longer. In it's place will be a new, shiny and sophisticated site called THE VOW.

For a sneak peek at what I'm working on please visit me at my new tumblr! I will be posting lots of goodies there daily.

Thank you so much and speak soon!


Above photo: All You Need is Love, by me. Yashica A. Kodak 120 film, Portra ISO 160.


  1. Nice photo. I am really into the different shapes that are being used at the moment. Can't wait to see the changes!

  2. A little sad to be losing Thank You Very Little but things change...which is how it should be. All the best Colie... keep up the great work! :-)