July 30, 2010



To preface this post, let me just say this is only 1 tiny portion of the film piles I have from Ryan and Trina's beautiful wedding, shot with Jon Duenas. I wanted to post this roll because it was the first time I have actually used Fuji Neopan high speed film. I was so happy with the results, especially considering I had no flash and was shooting in the darkest room ever. I can't wait to post more as I sort through it all.

---_0033_web---_0061_webRecpetion Dyp9---_0042_webReception Dyp2Reception Dyp8---_0054 web---_0055_webReception Dyp4

{Canon ae1. 35mm film. Fuji Neopan ISO 1600 pushed to 3200}

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