June 9, 2010



I have to apologize, for being so neglectful in posting here recently. I'm not sure if you all can sympathize - but I needed a little mental vacation from the world wide web and blogging and facebooking, etc. Summer has finally kicked in full gear here in Florida and I have been taking full advantage. This means endless hours spent in swimming pools, on bike rides, and at cocktail parties. Apart from that, I have been planning some exciting things in the realm of print and really getting that itch to do another shoot again soon. In fact I'm working on my inspiration book as we speak.

Promise to keep you updated.

{Photo above: Pentax Asahi K1000. 35mm film}


  1. I need a break from the www too! oh I wish it was summer and I could spend hours in the swimming pool.

  2. I understand needing a break from the web and/or computer in general! it's winter here so i guess it's okay to stay wrapped up warm inside by the heater. But I do like a good bike ride in the summertime!


  3. thank you ladies :) summertime is my favorite time in florida. it's hotter than hell but that's what lemonade and sundresses are for!