March 16, 2010



I don't care if it's dorky; I like to photograph my place, my things, myself- my life.

I watched an Annie Leibovitz documentary the other night and found myself completely falling in love with her. Although she isn't my favorite photographer in the world I am enthralled with her story and the art she's been making for decades. What stood out to me most wasn't anything to do with Vanity Fair or celebrities, but her life long relationship with the camera. She has been keeping a record of her life on film since childhood. Of course when she admitted Robert Frank's work taught her how to see, that was it for me. She didn't have to go on and capture rock n' roll with Rolling Stone or claim the throne of Vanity Fair's finest. She had me at Frank.

In the film you see her collection of photos, pinned to the walls of her gorgeous Conneticuit home. She is making her book, Annie Leibovitz At Work. Everything is exposed and hanging like clothes drying on the line - photos of John Lennon, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan next to her children swimming, Susan Sontag, and family roadtrips cross country. Just like Frank, she lived with her work- pinned to the walls like windows into the past, depicting the story of something so much greater than fame - but life, on film.

{Canon ae1. 35mm film. Kodak iso 400}

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