March 9, 2010



Right now, every single aspect of my life is running full steam ahead at an intensity that feels like a mini oven turned up to the highest power. Work, love, family, friends, art... it's all exploding together, twice as hard than I expected, into a messy milieu of life happenings. It's overwhelming but it's not surprising. I realize, it's just the way it goes.

Unfortunately, as a result my mind feels dried up like a little raisin in the sun. I haven't pressed a pen to paper or taken a photo in weeks. It's disturbing how quickly time can consume you, but never-the-less I'm fighting my way back to the place of consistent creativity. To help get me there I've been keeping an idea book, where I collage cut-outs of things that inspire me.

So thank you for still following along, despite the recent lack luster. I promise there is more to come.

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