March 31, 2010



I've been on a little vacation from photo taking. It's been nice. I had the chance to refresh my apartment walls, nothing too drastic - just some small redecorating here and there. Also caught up with close pals, saw Greenberg, and even got some sun at the beach. Did you notice the new blog look too?

But God help me!!! I can't be away from my camera for too long. This weekend, with more incredible weather in store, I have a fun/creative shoot with some fantastic ladies. It involves feathers! Then next week I am shooting Dave and Stacey, a lovely couple planning on getting hitched in May. We will be exploring an abandoned garden. And the following day I'll be leaving for Portland for some non-stop photo taking, in the fog, with hip kids.

So come back and visit me. There is a lot going on behind scenes. Ready to be posted!

{Canon ae1. 35mm film}

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