February 2, 2010



I am sick and cranky and just a little down about a lot of miscellaneous things going on right now. Last night, when I couldn't fall asleep, I started rummaging through a suitcase of prints I have stashed away in my bedroom. I found some polaroids that were taken about a million years ago, back when I was living at the EP. Those were tumultuous times, mostly spent driving in cars till I hit the coast, or on a boy who lived about 1,000 miles away. Maybe it was the cold medicine, maybe it was the lack of sleep, or maybe it is all relevant, but suddenly I wished I could go back to that place, just for a little while. No matter that my life is better here and now, somehow the past just seems cozier...

{Polaroid sx 70 alpha. Time Zero Film}


  1. the fondness of the past that everyone feels can be attributed to it being sealed. the present is ever changing and unintended changes are the bringers of burden.


  2. your photos are just amazingly beautiful.....