February 5, 2010



Last week, in the height of my sickness, I got a little crafty and made these succulent habitats. I was really inspired by this etsy artist I saw, awhile back, who creates incredible moss orbs that can be hung from just about anything. So I mozied on down to JoAnn's, bought a bag of top soil and a few tiny succulents, and squeezed them inside a set of recycled glass bottles. It was really easy to do, incredibly inexpensive, and totally perfect to 'green up' a small space.


  1. I adore this project. I was actually looking at something like this the other day at the Urban Outfitters website. I think once more sun shows up around here I am going to create my own little project like this.

  2. Awesome! It's really easy. Some jerk left a case of this horrible grape drink in my fridge from new years. I emptied out all of the bottles, soaked them, then pealed off the labels. Viola - a perfect terrarium for a little plant. :)