December 10, 2009



I am embarking on new journeys... also known as flash.
Wes has been showing the ropes in this quasi technical process and I must admit, although visually it's a little too modern looking for my taste it's SO COOL to be able to shoot outside of the spectrum of natural day light. I can not get over how crisp these images are and the amount of detail my little old 1970s canon picked up with these enormous flashes. I wish these images felt a little more vintage... they seem a little too Wes and maybe harken the digital look I usually tend to avoid.

But this is what I love most about being creative; it's trying new things out, challenging yourself with different techniques and new technology, and working with others who don't mind sharing their craft.

I mean really, what is it all for anyways if you can't share it?

{Canon ae-1. 400 35mm film}

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