November 22, 2009



Hemingway is said to have laid beneath the night sky, pausing from his evening - as it were eventful or not - to reflect on his deeds, to let each one sink deep down into himself, to make the magic of night time more visceral, more real.

A few nights ago a small militia of photo takers set out on bike, trolling around the city as it slept. We jumped fences and laid beneath street lamps. We peddled past lakes and watched as fog rolled across it's unruffled surface. We stood still, finding our focus, timing our shutters, and absorbing the candescent rays of night-lights suspended above lonely dirt roads - that undoubtedly lead to some mysterious beyond.

It was an evening hemingway himself would have paused for.

{Yaschica a. 400 Provia 120 film. Medium format}


  1. ooooh, how i love that you did this.
    it's like poetry.
    being lived out.


  2. thank you!
    isn't that what photo taking is about? :)

  3. You really know how to live life Colie! Happy Thanksgiving from way over here in Australia... hope you have a beautiful day!

    Jean x