September 17, 2009

More from the kyle + casey shoot. we found a busted old laundry mat near wills pub to shoot in. the light was horrifically florescent, but thankfully i was using b/w.

We also found a few other cute spots to play around with and finish off the roll. all in all this duo was a delight to work with. i want to do some solo stuff with the both of them. casey is insanely photogenic in a sincere unknowingly sort of way, i can just picture doing something very environmental with her. kyle is a big ball of fun and up for anything. you can say "hey scale that building" and before you have the shot lined up he is in position.

I wish I were good a graphic design so i could throw a little something extra together for them, like cd art style stuff... i need to work on that i suppose. that is why i envy people like autumn de wilde. her photo work is so casual cool and her design stuff just takes it all to the next level.

If you haven't noticed yet, i am very much into the low production look- a handmade heaven, wreathing in vintage glory, of some newly found discarded art. this is not to say i don't appreciate the digital stuff. i love looking at it, but can never imagine myself working in that medium. the process just doesn't appeal to me at all. lately i've been feeling a little presure to move into that direction.... but i can safely say, my feet aren't budging. at least not yet.

{Yashica A. Medium Format. 120 b/w Film}

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