September 1, 2009


is september and there is a season of change stirring inside of me.

i'm not quite sure how to explain it. i suppose it isn't unlike the memory i have of the great west, of standing at the rim of a canyon and releasing a handful of leaves into the breeze. it's despair and desire in equal measures... i fight every urge of it's lonesomeness because sometimes there is joy in the unknown - a kind of quiet celebration that hangs in the air, a well of possibilities continuously running over with promise urging a long nights rest, so that with fingers crossed you may dream of exploring every distant secret with unbounded capacity.

Pentax Asahi K1000. Expired 35 mm Film.


  1. I'm looking forward to finding this beauty you speak of in the coming month.

  2. jesus. me too. hopes. lots and lots of hopes.