August 27, 2009



a little wish list i am sending out into the cosmic universe.

1. tim walker collection of images
2. straight story english riding boots (sz. 8)
3. hasselblad 500 cm
4. grand turismo donna bicycle
5. rose bud strawberry lip gloss
6. vintage luggage


  1. Love your recent postings Colie not only for their exquisite photography but also for their reclaimed joy. Good for you!

    PS The only thing missing from your wish list is an address (for people to send them to!) :-)

  2. hahaha this is true!

    side note: email me for address information!

    thank you jean for your kind words :) it truly means a lot. i have had an awakening of sorts and certainly am reclaiming my joy each day a little more than the next.

    so glad you noticed!!!

  3. That Donna can be had for a mere grand, and is not something that's impossible to obtain. Unlike that hassy, which, you know, good luck to ya.

    But yeah, bicycle. Get you one. I love mine so much it's how I do my grocery shopping.