August 31, 2009

if i had $1

for every time i get asked "why polaroid?" i would be able to afford an infinite supply of instant film.

now i realize this story may seem arbitrary, especially if you recently happened to stumble across this blog and my images. however, rewind time back a few years, and you would see that polaroid was the only language i visually spoke. in fact, for one whole year i strictly shot with a polaroid sx 70 alpha (and a combination of 600 film, time zero, and atz) tallying over a respectable sum of 912 polaroids.

that chapter of my life was a result of sheer inspiration, of curiosity, of friendship, and most importantly of the need to tell a story. i think we all experience this at least once in our lives. we cross paths with a remarkable person - someone whose self-awareness shakes us to the core, and as a result we are in awe, not only of the things we see in them but in how they show us a piece of ourselves that could have easily never existed without them.

i think back to those days of glory often. it was very much an unusual phenomenon in my life. i didn't even own a camera before i met raymond and suddenly i was capturing images of everything i saw and felt and wanted to say but had no words to explain.

raymond is an amazing photographer. his polaroid images are

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