August 28, 2009


the hell out of dodge this weekend.
i need to take a big step back and a long hard look at some things in my life. nothing a 3 hour drive down 275 can't cure. with the windows down and the music up i plan on letting the wind rip through my hair reminding me of all the things i am in this world.

i keep imagining the last time i was back: breathing in the salt water air, so thick you can practically reach out and grab it. i was so grateful to be near the sea i ran full speed off of the dock and jumped in with everything on but my shoes. "unconventional colie". always.
we would stay up all hours of the night, swinging in hammocks, and sipping on rum. i would profess my love for the night sky that hung above our heads and tell you about the lives i've lived before this very one here and now.

and what will this weekend entail? the possibilites are endless.
oh the potential of a weekend escape.

Yashica A. Medium Format. 120 Kodak.

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