July 1, 2009

so i'm back!

so i've been m.i.a. for a few months... regretfully so. a lot of drama has been smothering my personal life and hijacking all of my creativity. following the bad break-up, moving out, and a few health issues, i sort of disappeared from society. it got so bad at one point that everyday after work i would drive straight home, lock myself in my room and lay in my bed for hours until i fell asleep. no computer, no phone, just issolation. that wasn't healthy for me and it didn't take long for it to take it's toll on every facet of my life.

eventually i snapped out of it and now i'm in the process of pulling it the fuck together. lets face it, life doesn't stop and wait around for you to get over a broken heart. it keeps on going. needless to say i have a lot of life to catch up on.

these photos are from a photoshoot i did with the musical duo known as "a pause in the desert" from jacksonville, florida. what a pleasure it's been working with these guys. we met up one day, walked around town, grabbed a bite to eat, had some whiskey and just familiarized ourselves with one another... all infront of the lens of my yashica a.

i'm going up to jax beach this weekend to shoot them once more - hopefully with better lighting this time. i will be posting a lot more of the shoot and also additional info about the band.

Yashica A Model. 120 Kodak Film.
Polaroid SX 70. 600 Film. Filter.
Polaroid SX 70. 600 Film. Filter.


  1. thank you wes.
    i'm sorry i missed you when you were in town :(

    perhaps you will visit again???