June 6, 2009

a part of me is to be removed today.
it's taking a lot to keep from unraveling.
nothing is what i imagined it would be anymore.

Polaroid Sx 70. 600 Film. ND Filter.


  1. Colie... whassup? I hope you are okay... (insert worried motherly expression here)

  2. i miss you colie :(


  3. Hope you are doing better, Colie. And if it helps, for all my good advice, I'm alone again myself now. I think I'm going to get drunk to get through today. Tomorrow will be better...

  4. thanks guys... it's been a hell of a whirl wind, my life, the past 2 months. i'm totally wrung out of all creativity. i can't even come up with creative comments... hah.

    getting drunk is a fantastic idea! but truly i understand how you feel and i am all ears any time you need to vent.