May 25, 2009

"she studied the paper and read in a strong voice, as if to an audience of more than one.

be sleepless
sleepless and thinking of me.
wanting me.
only me.
change right now.
now i own your thoughts.
i own your breath.
i own your heart.

she folded the paper and tucked it back into her waits
now you're meant to always be mine, she said.

i didn't doubt it, neither then nor now. i believe the words entered me and changed me and still work in me. the words eat me and sustain me. and when i'm dead in a box in the dark dark ground, and all my various souls have died and i am nothing but insensible bones, something in the marrow will still feel yearning, desire persisting beyond flesh." thirteen moons page 152

the sun has returned, only temporarily and without warning, but non the less it was here, it was

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