May 13, 2009

i am in the process of putting my life back together.
it still hurts. i have been having trouble finding the right words for things lately, so odds are i just need a little time to get my thoughts straightened out.

i will get back to posting photos more regularly very soon.
apologies for the lengthy sabbatical
and thank you for the kind words.

Polaroid Sx 70 Alpha. 600 Film. No Filter.


  1. you know.. funny shit.. im going through the same thing.. cool book i read that really spoke to me.. might not mean anything to you.. or it might speak to like it did me.. who knows.. its by a Brazilian author paulo coelho .. 'Brida'.... im sorry to hear

  2. sorry if its out of line to think i know how u feel.. i just know when i went through the first phase... kinda felt good to find someone who understood

  3. thank you :) it is nice to know others out there go through this and don't fall apart or explode... and that life, in fact, does go on.

  4. Tam, I just bought that book. Haven't read it yet but it's the fourth in my collection by Paolo Colheo. They all are soul food.