March 20, 2009

a log cabin & my day

this polaroid is of a log cabin, which has absolutely nothing to do with what i'm writing about... i, myself, am writing about my very eventful day and venting just a tad about my lack of time to do meaningless things like lie in the grass... 

so, as i was saying, today is a productive one. i am pretty busy at work putting together an internship program for the museum this summer, also developing an outreach program that will act as a mobile art camp for kids. 3 day's out of the week i will visit a different community center and teach the kid's an art component, followed by an arts and crafts activity that uses the skills from the lesson. the program will be designed to teach children the importance of art in their everyday lives, not just as a creative outlet but also as a stepping stone to find their individuality, and to enhance comprehension and complex motor skills. i'm really really motivated to make this work, which is good bc no one else seems to be backing me up at this point. it's in the early phases, but even still i'm putting the final touches on the campaing and crossing my fingers that everything else will fall into place.

soooo with that being said, i guess it comes to no surprise to say i'm TIRED and i want a vacation. a real one. like a week or longer, but more than a vacation i want to drive out to visit people i haven't seen in light years. i want to take their damn photographs and hug the shit out them. i want to go to church and feel that light hearted goodness again. i want to pick flowers by the side of the road, to fall asleep under the sun and smile so hard from all the happeiness listed above that my face muscle's hurt........

i guess that's the trouble with growing up. the more you take on the less time you have to do the things that make you, you.

Polaroid Sx-70 Alpha. 600 Film. No Filter. Winter Series.

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