March 29, 2009

i've been home long enough to burry my face in the sun,
and wander around places where no one will ask where i'm from.
i swim in the water so much that i could be a fish,
and i'm right by the ocean so i can go dippin any old time that i wish.
me and my sister watched the sunset from the old life guard stand,
and when the setting was done and we lost all the sun, we napped on the cool white sand.
we drank bottles of wine under the moonlight and danced to bluegrass tunes,
and for that moment in time the world was mine and i forgot all about my blues.

Polaroid Sx 70. 600 Film. ND Filter.


  1. i looove old typewriters!

    love your blog hun :)

  2. i have the vision in my head right now.
    beautiful. xo

  3. aahhhh thanks ladies!

    i'm obsessed with old typewriter keys and the interworkings of clocks... there is something so nostalgic about ancient technology.

  4. your blog is a rich horizon of beauty! lovely wishes,

  5. aw, that sounds like the best time ever. I might be visiting FL soon, I hope we can have some good times!

  6. sol! if you come here we MUST meet up. MUST!