February 24, 2009

i want to expand my portfolio and maybe become a teency eency bit more commercial. basically i just want to shoot subjects with a little more variety - fashions, bands, headshots, what-have-you... and just mix it up with some cool people.

SO, if you or someone you may know (in the central florida area) wants to get involved with a curly haired photo taker send em' my way! we could just hang, grab a tea, take some photos, and bask in the coolness that is conversing with a total stranger.

in other news... i'm excited about a few new opportunities to show my art. i am submitting some polaroids into an art exhibition in witchita (yea witchita) ha! i will post more information when i figure out if my art was chosen :)

until then keep your fingers crossed for me.

Polaroid Sx-70 Alpha. 600 Film.


  1. somewhat being from Kansas, I am so curious about this art exhibition. I just had no idea they cared in Wichita! ;) Seriously though, I'm interested in what this is all about and good luck to you!!

  2. who knew wichita was "in the know"????
    i really want to participate but there are a few things holding me back. ahhhh i should just say fuck it and send my work off. i have issues with "mothering" my photos too much.

  3. i'd say yes!but florida is still a bit far from where i live.

    (but i might be studying in orlando for a few months after summer)