February 11, 2009

6 months

today is a special one for me... it's b and my 6th month anniversary!

i can not believe how the time has flown by. it seems like yesterday that we first met at his store, him kindly helping me hang my art and sneaking stares from across the room, me trying to play it cool and wondering "will i see him again ?"...

but i did see him again - downtown with his friends having drinks. we chatted fondly over the blasting music, finding ways to make subtle body contact. he walked me back to my car and we hugged good night...

from that night on, my anticipation grew like wildfire to see him again. i wanted to spend more time with him, to know him more, and to see what we could learn from each other.

our first date was at the enzian dinner theater. we saw "tell no one" a french love story slash thriller flick. we shared a few glasses of wine and mustered up enough courage to cuddle closer together. he drove me home and we sat up till 3:30 am talking about the world together on my back pourch...

it was a night to remember.

since then we've shared countless moments that i have filed away into my heart as all time favorites - escaping to st. augustine for the weekend, gloriously drinking wine like it was going out of style, smoking cigars and sneaking into haunted graveyards, or the long walk we took in colorado, playing in the streets as the snow slowly fell down on us from the sky, i took 100 pictures of him, and of course there are our simple moments lying together, laughing at each other, telling stories, thinking out loud, and just sharing our lives with each other... 

but more than anything i cherish what is to be. there is so much more that lies a head of us - 1,000's of adventures waiting to be explored, life lessons longing to be learned, bridges built to be crossed, wounds dying to be healed, and beautiful photos ready to be taken :) our love, the realest kind of them all, imperfect but unrelenting, misshapen but beautiful for it's genuine uniqueness, is something that i believe can transcend the tolls of time.

time doesn't need to be the enemy as we grow to learn and love more each day, it is our ally. so here's to another 6 months to come! 

Polaroid Sx 70 Alpha. 600 Film. No Filter.


  1. frig yeah..........happiness, gotta love it !!!

  2. can jealousy be the driving force to better one's self?

  3. A beautiful commentary Colie... :-)

  4. thank you all :)

    and i doubt it's jealousy driving you... maybe more like awakening?