January 7, 2009

the polaroid tree

my christmas holiday was spent crammed inside a tiny, two bedroom lodge with 8 of my closest family members. b and i rotated every night from one bed to the next, sometimes we were lucky enough to score the pull out couch, or else we were doomed to the slowly deflating air matress. our lodge was located way up in the heavenly rockies at winter park mountain. every single day it snowed nearly 10 inches. i'd wake up to the stirring sounds of life in the kitchen - shuffeling feet, brewing coffee and sizzling bacon.

my younger brother and sister were set on the idea of a christmas tree, so they went out into the forest and attempted to cut down a snowy pine... the only problem was, since our lodge failed to have the proper rustic amenities like hatchets and ax's, they had to use a kitchen knife. somehow, in that miraculous kind of kid way, they managed to cut down the perfect christmas tree.

we decorated it with popcorn and real cranberries. i made that fancy foil tree topper and of course no christmas tree is complete without a polaroid of each one of us.

so there you have it! the polaroid tree.

Nikon D80. 


  1. that is 100% awesome

  2. thanks ian :)

    convincing my family to pose for me was hilarious! i had to bribe them with back masages... but eventually i got every single one of us and that makes me happy.

  3. ABSOLUTELY LOVE your tree! What an AWESOME idea.

    Your holidays sounded like a blast. Even with the deflating air mattress.