January 24, 2009

courtnie II

this is one of my favorite portraits so far. i used ATZ film which sort of makes everything very soft and creamy. also i have to say, i really love direct eye contact. a lot of the people i photograph feel uncomfortable and so i tell them to do whatever they want. almost every single time they end up looking away, as if they are pretending no one is taking their photo at all. only the rare few look right at me, challenging me to focus quicker, to wait for that special moment when they are no longer seeing the camera but instead confidently they are seeing themselves, and creating a truly electrifying kind of energy between us.

Polaroid Sx70. ATZ Film. Faces Series (#5).


  1. i think i am falling love with the music on your blog. it totally suits your photos too.


  2. i love this. the photo, and the words that follow. i love it.

  3. thanks leah :) lullatone is amazing, all of their albums are incredible. i listen to them when i am writing a lot so it only seemed natural to add them to my blog. i will probably switch out the song soon though, now that "leaves falling" is driving me nuts.

    meghan ann :) thank you so much!